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About the CSJ Educational Network

We empower school leaders to form students as instruments of unity and reconciliation.

Our Mission

To extend and foster the teaching ministry of Jesus in the tradition of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Orange by nurturing and supporting relationships that influence Catholic education.

Our Vision

Empowering school leaders to form students as proactive instruments of unity and reconciliation in the Church and a global society.

Value Proposition

Weaving the charism of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Orange of unity and reconciliation in the fabric of Catholic education today.

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Consisting of 24-member schools, in four dioceses throughout California, the CSJ Educational Network supports and mentors hundreds of Catholic educators as they foster unity and reconciliation in the school communities in which they serve.

We believe that leadership is key to building and sustaining a vibrant Catholic education ministry. We are committed to the development and support of Catholic school leaders through programs such as our peer-learning leadership and ministerial formation.  


Catholic Identity

We support a curriculum and environment based on Scripture, Tradition, the teachings and lived experience of the Catholic Church.



We are called to participate in the mission of Jesus by reaching out to the global community and our earth with compassion and responsibility.

Core Values



We foster personal and professional development, accountability, innovation, teamwork and commitment to quality.



We live and work in a manner that is deeply respectful of the uniqueness and intrinsic value of each person.

Meet The Team


Bret Allen
Director of Education


Terri Treiber
Communications Coordinator


Cynthia Magaña
Assistant Director of Marketing
& Development


Ismael Arbizo
Administrative Coordinator

Sr. Susan.jpg

Sister Susan Trezek
Children's Literature Specialist


Marcos Ramirez

Each year emphasis is placed on one of the four core values or one of the particular directions identified by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange to raise awareness and to strengthen implementation of that value within the school communities.


Annual Focus

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